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Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks - Mauve Outta Here, Pinkerbell, Think Pink and Just Peachy - Swatches + Reviews

By 7/01/2013 09:31:00 am

How many lipsticks have I got? I don't really know, but compared to my female relatives (and my family female members too), mine surely exceeds all of theirs combined together. And I ain't even mad, bro :)

I've heard so many ravings about these Wet n Wild Megalast lipsticks being true to their name on blogs and Youtube videos. Also I'm not a fan of bringing makeup stuff around or having to touch up my makeup, oh, but I do drink and eat a lot so yeah, long lasting lipsticks my babes! (part 2 featuring Carrot Gold, Smokin' Hot Pink & Cherry Picking here)


I have four of these lipsticks but forgive me, the tubes look quite dirty so I'm too ashamed to take pictures on them. Instead below is the standard packaging of the lipsticks. It looks quite fancy doesn't it?

I find it a little flimsy but at least the cap is clear so it's easy to pick up the right shade. Have you ever encounter the rage of having to open numerous lipsticks just to get what you intend to use? Hell no, I hate it! Everything's packaging should have the exact color as the content. Maybe my makeup stash would look like a rainbow were this true, then who the hell would need drugs anymore? *weird-sense-of-humour-strikes-again-and-nobody-applauds*
Standard packaging


If you're looking for some nice luxurious Swatch (Swiss Watches) then yes, here come the swatches. You may use a marker to draw the numbers etc, will be quite a nice accessory. But nevermind me, but mind the colors these lipstick offer:

From left to right: Mauve Outta Here, Pinkerbell, Think Pink and Just Peachy
From left to right: Mauve Outta Here, Pinkerbell, Think Pink and Just Peachy - direct day light

From left to right: Mauve Outta Here, Pinkerbell, Think Pink and Just Peachy - direct sunlight
  • Mauve Outta Here: is a purply pink color. It seems to be easiest to apply among the four and suit my skintone very well. In fact I think it will look good on everybody as it's a nice balance between purple and pink. And purple is an ultimate color in makeup generally.
  • Pinkerbell: a true bubblegum pink. It's so vibrant I can only pull it off by mixing with a bit of Think Pink to tone it down or pair it with a more neutral lipgloss.
  • Think Pink: a light baby pink but not quite as light as MAC's Saint Germain. It may look good on people with lighter skintone, but for me it's a little off.
  • Just Peachy: I loooove this, a true light peach color that will compliment everyone!

All four colors are very matte and stick to the lips very well without being sticky (knowwaddamean?). I find these being absolutely intense, one swipe and you're good to go; however you can use your finger to smudge the lipstick down to a thin layer for a lovely tint of color or build it up for a real intensity.

However, being matte means it's quite drying so it's highly recommended that you should exfoliate your lips well before applying or the product will cling to all dry patches and then people would want to play seek the needle in the haysack.

I personally prefer Mauve Outta Here and Just Peachy among the four. Wet n Wild has a bunch of other colors that I'm dying to try, but maybe firstly I'll try to get my hands on Carrot Gold, Cherry Picking, Coral-ine and Rose-bud. 

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