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RIMMEL Stay Matte Powder Review

By 7/05/2013 02:30:00 pm ,

Everybody knows about this, everybody raves about this, which is quite self-explanatory on why I chose to buy it. A student’s pocket doesn’t allow you to experiment too much, so I am friends with safe choices. As a matter of fact, I have extremely oily skin, which means every single foundation and face product slide off my skin in a very short time. Not a fan! (yes I'm a human being) 
I was desperately search for a good pressed powder product that would actually work and more importantly - wouldn't break the bank. Also, my favorite Youtuber Tanya Burr raves about this and uses it all the time, so I want to see how it goes. Oh gosh how I love watching her videos, so comprehensible and elegant, not to mention she is terrific. Now back to the powder, it needs some love too.

PRICE: $5.00 - $6.00 depending on where you buy it for 15g of product. 
This will last me an eternity! Rimmel are so lovely for giving us so much product concerning the price, just as much as their Natural Bronzer (which, again, will be review shortly) and Match Perfection Blush.

If you are familiar to Rimmel powder products, this powder comes in the exact same old format. I don’t really like the cap as it goes off so easily, been always wishing it would be a screw cap or even better: a normal compact with a built-in mirror, but apart from that the packaging (the milky beige colour) is quite nice. Oh, and it's made in England, how fancy is that! :)
Back packaging + Ingredients list

SMELL: a faint chemical scent but not at all noticeable.

FINISH AND COVERAGE: I have it in Translucent, which is supposed to not give any extra coverage, but my skin is typical Asian skin color, if I layer the product it gives a little more coverage to the face. It obviously leaves a matte finish but not too terribly matte that makes you look like having flour all over the face.

LASTING POWER: it lasts sooo long on my super duper oily skin, impressive! I love everything about this powder. I top it over my other favorite foundation at the moment – MUA Matte Perfect – and it keeps shine at bay for a good several hours. I just wish it would be more practically packed so it would be idea for traveling.

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