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A Glimpse Of Sleek MakeUP Upcoming Limited Edition i-Divine "Celestial"

By 9/23/2013 05:18:00 pm

So, just posted on Sleek's Facebook page: if you purchase a Vintage Romance i-Divine palette, you will have a chance to win their upcoming limited edition i-Divine in "Celestial".

I honestly very much dislike such kind of promotion: you purchase the palette (either determine to or simply just to enter the contest) having high hopes of wining but there's absolutely no hint about how many palettes will be given out and the chance is so thin.

However, the exciting part is the glimpse of the Celestial palette itself, which I believe will be out around Christmas as Sleek generally have 4 new releases a year, but don't quote me on that. I still very much regret why I didn't get their Sparkle 2 palette, it's filled with sparkly and alluring colours for holiday season. 

Sure, I'm planning to get the Vintage Romance one, but without being hurry as the Sleek staff confirmed that this is not a limited edition (what!), and I'd rather place an order with what they'll come up with this year for Christmas. This one I'm not sure about how it will be appropriate for autumn/winter trend as it  reminds me of the MUFE Technicolor palette, but certainly not as bright.

The Vintage Romance i-Divine palette can be purchase on their webstore here for $9.99. Meanwhile I will keep an eye on this and post here asap!

Image Credit http://www.shades-of-pink.de/

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